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Bomei Precision Hardware Co.,limited Webstie:www.bomeihardware.com Tel/Fax:+86-0769-89308850 Address:No. 7,Houhu Road,Humen Town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China
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Expert in CNC machining, precision machining and sheet metal fabrication
Bomei is engaged in production of custom-made high quality mechanical components,also include standard mechanical components,most of them are widely used in automotive,medical,telecommunications,machinery and equipment areas etc.

Over 17 years in metal industry,we provide the product from structure design, prototype to mass production, surface treatment and a complete set of assembly. We never compromise quality, like our short delivery time, maintained a high international standard. Our business are fast developed based on our commitment to the flexibility and the huge opportunity of personal growth.

With advanced and precision machinery, first-class technical staff, sophisticated inspection equipment, strict quality control, which is Bomei 17 years of experience and adhere to the work of the concept, and we strive to be the best and most complete factory offering customers a one stop supplier service.
General machining up to 200mm diameter of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum,brass,plastic,derlin,pvc. 
CNC Turning:
Prototyping and production starting from 8mm to 200mm diameter.
Capable of holding tolerances of 0.005-0.01mm(depending on the application)
CNC Milling:
Prototyping and production of small and large parts
The precise can be within 0.02mm
Sheet metal fabrication and assembly:
Prototyping and production of small and large parts
Laser cutting,punching,bending,tig welding,riveting and so on
Finishing service:
Electric and hot dip galvanization,powder coating, alloying, anodizing, plating,painting,hardening,heat treatment,black blueing,polishing,assembly and packing of finished items.

Standard Fasteners:
With the continuous development of customers, Hiromi added a new product: elastic fastening products and standard products, including DIN471 shaft retaining ring, DIN472 hole retaining ring, GB894 shaft retaining ring, GB893 hole retaining Ring, shaft with steel retaining ring, hole with steel retaining ring, open retaining ring, 65Mn elastic cylindrical pin, heavy duty elastic pin, standard type elastic pin, rolled elastic pin and other related fasteners. We have done supporting services with a number of well-known state-owned enterprises and European and American companies.